Maternity Reflexology - Jo Wood

"My first reflexology treatment with Nicky was when I was 28 weeks pregnant . Before Nicky started the treatment she asked a series of questions about my pregnancy to establish problem areas which she could address. I had been experiencing sciatic pains and oedema in my feet and ankles. After just one treatment the sciatic pains went away, and did not return for the remainder of my pregnancy. The swelling in my feet and ankles decreased, however as it was a very hot summer it returned after three or four days, and consequently I was treated for this symptom each week as I saw Nicky. My experience during labour was very positive. I did not need any pain relief and just used some oils that Nicky had recommended to rub on my back. Both stages were quick and almost enjoyable! Nicky is very informative about what she is doing when treating you, and she is a calming influence, and to have your feet rubbed for an hour is a true luxury, which in my eyes is also a necessity for a hassle free pregnancy and labour. I would not go through another pregnancy without the support of Nicky and reflexology, it was just great!"

Maternity Reflexology - J Hunt

During my pregnancy I suffered with very severe and debilitating pelvic pain; I found walking the shortest distance excruciating and climbing stairs was a slow and painful process that would leave me close to tears. I was exhausted, completely drained and lacking energy.

My midwife told me that the condition, Symphis Pubis Dysfunction, was caused by the hormone Relaxin making the ligaments of my pelvis stretchy; ready for childbirth. In some women it seems that the bones loosen up too much, causing inflammation and pain as the pelvic joints move too much during every day activity, worsened of course with pregnancy weight gain.

A friend recommended I try Nicky, by this stage I was considering giving up work long before my baby was due and I was ready to try anything. I found Nicky to be very reassuring, she is a genuinely lovely, caring person whose presence calms you, smoothing down the ruffled feathers of everyday life.

A session with Nicky is incredibly relaxing; she can tell a huge amount about your health just with a visual check of the feet. After a chat about how your health has been she then carefully massages your feet, incorporating special manipulations that are tailored to your needs followed by a gentle massage.

I needed three consecutive sessions to kick-start my treatment and within a week of completing this first stage I was seeing a definite improvement. My energy levels were raised and the pain was dulled enough for me to continue to work and carry on my day to day living. My mood was elevated and I slept much better, essential when you are growing a new life!

I continued with regular treatments throughout my pregnancy, to help to keep things under control, the pain did not fully go – however I felt better able to cope with it and I was definitely more mobile.

In the countdown to my baby’s birth Nicky gave me one final treatment in which she raised my endorphin levels to help me to cope with labour. I have to say I had a really chilled and enjoyable labour, not needing any drugs or even gas and air and I recovered quickly too – I am sure this was thanks to the regular treatments I had with Nicky throughout my pregnancy and I will certainly do the same again next time.

Katie F - Maternity Reflexology

"I look forward to my reflexology sessions with Nicky - they are a great way to relax and get rid of the stresses of the day. They were particularly helpful just before I had my daughter and post-natally to help me recover quickly and easily."

Laura R - Maternity Reflexology

"I decided to try reflexology during my pregnancy as a friend had strongly recommended it and i had been suffering from some back ache and shortness of breath which left me feeling rather panicky.

Nicky has such a friendly, caring manner and she explained everything really well. I found the treatment itself to be very enjoyable and it left me feeling extremely relaxed, plus my baby definitely seemed to enjoy it too.

I really looked forward to my sessions as it was so nice to spend an hour to myself in pure relaxation.

My back pain and panic attacks stopped soon after treatment started and never returned. I found myself feeling very confident about labour and it ended up being a really positive experience. I had a calm, short labour with only gas and air. I recovered ever-so quickly and i have a lovely contented baby which makes everything much easier.

I'm so pleased that i tried reflexology and would definitely recommend it to anyone."